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  • Lucretius On The Walls of Pompeii

    Today I came across a table of inscriptions at Pompeii which includes three references to Lucretius.  The table comes from the “Pompeii Sourcebook” by Alison and M.G.L. Cooley, which lists in Appendix 2 (page 220)  following three references from On The Nature of Things: 1.1     …

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  • The Wise Man Laughs At The idea of “Fate”

    I know very little about the background and other views of philosopher Daniel Dennett,  but linked below is a very interesting ten minute discussion that I think usefully frames a crucial issue:  the Epicurean contention that the universe is BOTH governed by Natural law AND …

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  • An Ebook Update

    One of the most important projects of this website is to promote the philosophy of Epicurus by making his works more readily accessible.  With that goal in mind, today brings a major revision and hopefully improvement to the ebook which incorporates much of the text …

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  • Peace and Safety for your 20th of October!

    Peace and Safety to the Epicureans among us, no matter where you might be! As we remember Epicurus and the original pathfinders of Epicureanism, here’s a thought for the day, courtesy of Cicero, speaking through Torquatus in The Ends of Good and Evil: “In sum, …

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  • Against The Vulcans

    A Case Study in Failing to Appreciate the Scope of Epicurus’ Wisdom: Ayn Rand and the Objectivists

    Casual readers are frequently attracted by Epicurus’ views on pleasure, on peace of mind, or on the requirements of living happily.  Some are attracted by Epicurus’ understanding of the non-interference of gods in human affairs, or on the necessity of facing death boldly.   Many such …

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  • A Guidebook for the Wilderness: Stefan Streitferdt’s “From Pain To Pleasure – The Proven Pathway to Happiness”

    When I first started blogging about Epicurus a year ago, there were several websites devoted to Epicurean thought ( and but only one devoted to applying Epicurean principles to day-to-day life.  Stefan Streitferdt’s and his book “From Pain To Pleasure – The Proven …

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