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  • 300 Movie Stills 22

    Happy Twentieth of October!

    Happy Twentieth of October!  For this Twentieth I would like to return to a recurring theme at – that of restating what I see to be some of the most important take-away implications of Epicurean philosophy.  I firmly believe that each one of us …

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  • RomanMosaicStaraZagora

    Happy Twentieth of September!

    Happy Twentieth of September!  It appears that he march of time and implacable updates to WordPress have blown away my ability to create new posts at, so until I get that fixed (soon!) I just have to say, with Hiram, “Happy Belated 20th”! It’s a …

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  • EpicurusbySarantea

    Happy Twentieth of August!

    Happy Twentieth of August!  Oh my gosh the 20th is almost over here in my time zone and I haven’t issued a “Happy 20th” myself here at Facebook or, or seen anyone else do so! 😉 Life come at you hard sometimes with so many distractions, but …

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  • Selection 513

    Happy Twentieth of July! – “Dreading Nothing So Much As To Seem To Doubt Of Anything!” :-)

    Happy Twentieth of July!  Recent discussions of Epicurean gods provide a great opportunity to review one of the most delightful of the records preserved by Cicero, from his “On The Nature of The Gods.”  Here is confirmation C. Velleius, someone “then reputed by the Epicureans …

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  • Selection 436

    Happy Twentieth of June! — Vatican Saying 38 – Pleasure strengthens us; Pain Destroys Us

    Happy Twentieth of June!  Vatican Saying 38 is a very interesting contribution to our understanding of Epicurus’ view of pleasure, not as something simply to be consumed, but something akin to food which strengthens us.  Here is the Bailey translation:       As Seneca …

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  • 300 Movie Stills 22

    Happy Twentieth of May: Don’t Surrender, Instead Retreat – Regroup – Advance!

    Happy Twentieth of May! Epicurus is famously known to written: “To sea with your swift ship, blessed boy, and flee from all education (paideia, also translated as culture).”   This remark come to us with no context, as our only source is D.L. 10.6, which combines it with …

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