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    Keeping Watch With The Epicurean Chorus – Happily Thriving And Alive With Joy!

    Thanks to a friend on the Epicurean Philosophy Facebook Page, here is a great find – a specifically Epicurean funeral epitaph.  This Latin is CIL (Corpus Inscriptionum Latinarum) number 10.2971. This is from the book “Vertis in usum: Studies in Honor of Edward Courtney” and …

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    Consolation On The Loss Of A Loved One – An Epicurean Perspective

    Once again this past week I had the unfortunate experience of losing to death a valued member of my family.  Times like this are the ultimate test of the value of a philosophy — a philosophy that does not address the most emotional issues of …

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  • PrinceWilliamInTriclinium

    Taking Control of The End

    Today turned out to be the day that Prince William (a name selected by the Humane Society) had to be relieved from the misery of a losing battle with feline leukemia.  To the left is a photo of Prince William as he deserves to be …

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    “How To Be Dead And Not Care”

    Authorized Doctrine 2 contains one of the most famous sayings of all Epicureanism (“Death is nothing to us“) but its meaning is frequently misunderstood.  Whether wielded maliciously by an enemy of Epicurus or carelessly by a friend, this pithy phrase can be misconstrued as flippant …

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  • Crowsledding

    Do Harpsichords Go Sledding In the Snow For Fun?

     Man’s fate is like that of the animals; the same fate awaits them both: As one dies, so dies the other. All have the same breath; man has no advantage over the animal.  Ecclesiastes 3:19   The subject of similarities and differences between the nature …

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  • Front Cover

    St. Paul vs. Epicurus

    Norman DeWitt, who is in my opinion the author of the best book on Epicurus written since the ancient world, also wrote a second book:  “St. Paul and Epicurus” (“SPAE”).  The entire text is available on-line for free at  I have always considered SPAE …

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