Nil Posse Creari De Nilo! / Nothing Can Be Created From Nothing!


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  • Freedom Isn’t Free – Agora, the movie (2010)

    This weekend I had the opportunity to see Agora, the recent movie starring Rachel Weisz.  Agora is now showing only in the U.S., in very limited distribution prior to the release of the DVD in October. I will try to develop this post with greater …

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  • Not by Chance, Not by Fortune, Not by Fate, Not by Accident, and Not by the Gods was the World Made, But by Natural Law

    Epicurus has been slandered through the ages with the contention that he taught that the universe arose “by accident.” Religionists warned their flocks away from Epicurus by arguing that the world we see around us could never have arisen from the accidental collisions of atoms, …

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  • No Fate But What We Make

    A discussion of the details of “Terminator 2” is far beyond the scope of this blog, but composites made from two scenes of that movie form a good frame for discussing a subject of critical importance.  One of the key observations at the heart of …

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  • On The Critical Distinction Between “Events” And “Accidents”

    In the course of preparing a presentation of De Rerum Natura with the translations of Cyril Bailey, H.A.J. Munro, and the original Latin in parallel, I came across a translation choice that could cause much confusion. In Book I, Line 449 through 482 (listed in …

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  • Illustrating Epicureanism Through A Pompeian Mosaic

    Short of some future scholar uncovering an inscription confirming the purpose of the mosaic found in the house of Marcus Vesonius Primus in Pompeii, there is no way for us to be sure of his intended meaning.  Nevertheless, we can readily make use of this mosaic …

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  • Balance Of Life Cropped

    Epicurean Art in the Ancient World

    This post is to announce a new page devoted to collecting images of art from the ancient world which appear to have Epicurean themes. Please email suggestions for inclusion in this list.  (Note: A number of comments are posted below, and I will expand this …

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