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  • Selection 718

    Convinced Yet?

    Many more quotes could be added to this one, but here’s a start:  

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  • Selection 715

    Draft of a New Graphic – Where Are the Epicurean Men?

    Draft of a new meme, with some commentary afterwards:   Let’s see where to start! First, I considered this a first draft in posting it, and I look forward to revising it to sharpen the issues. I definitely did not intend it as an endorsement …

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  • Selection 127

    Politics And “Epicurean Natural Justice”

    A Post Devoted to Our Epicurean Facebook Friends: I don’t think I have ever in my life seen political emotions in the United States as hot as they are right now, and all indications are that they are going to get hotter before they cool …

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  • Selection 678

    What Type of Epicurean Are You?

    First attempt at a meme to dramatize this question:

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  • RomanMosaicStaraZagora

    Happy Twentieth of September!

    Happy Twentieth of September!  It appears that he march of time and implacable updates to WordPress have blown away my ability to create new posts at, so until I get that fixed (soon!) I just have to say, with Hiram, “Happy Belated 20th”! It’s a …

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  • EpicurusbySarantea

    Happy Twentieth of August!

    Happy Twentieth of August!  Oh my gosh the 20th is almost over here in my time zone and I haven’t issued a “Happy 20th” myself here at Facebook or, or seen anyone else do so! 😉 Life come at you hard sometimes with so many distractions, but …

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