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    Purging Yourself of Stoicism

    I believe the most important task that any modern student of Epicurus can do is to examine his or her own thoughts to identify the Stoicisms that have been absorbed from the modern culture, and purge them as quickly and effectively as possible.  This morning …

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  • JacksonBarwisPhoto

    *Action* As A Requirement of Pleasure

    One of the strong implications of non-Epicurean philosophy is that our goal in life should be to achieve a “state” of mental peace.  Such states go under different names according to the commentator, but they are often referred to as “mindfulness” such as discussed in this …

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    A List of Events Documenting Christian Persecution of Hellenes In The Ancient World

    This is just a short post to link to an excellent page that is mostly in Greek, but with an English summary, entitled Christian Persecution Against the Hellenes. The page contains a timeline of events starting in 314 (Immediately after its full legalization, the Christian Church …

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  • Against The Men Of The Crowd RECTANGLE

    Peace and Safety For Your Twentieth of July!

    Peace and Safety to the Epicureans of today, no matter where you might be! Vatican Saying 45: “The study of nature does not create men who are fond of boasting and chattering or who show off the culture that impresses the many, but rather men …

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  • Greecebankpolice

    The Real Troika

    At present the Greeks are focused on the actions of three institutions that are referred to as the “troika” – the European Commission (EC), the European Central Bank (ECB) and the International Monetary Fund (IMF).  For further info on these, check here. It seems to me …

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  • Villaofpapyri

    Why I Think Epicurus Would Have Hated The “Tetrapharmakon”

    Wikipedia informs us that the tetrapharmakon comes down to us from a parchment found in the papyri of Herculaneum that it is attributed to Philodemus.  Wikipedia also informs us of the following translation, which apparently comes from D.S. Hutchinson: Don’t fear god, Don’t worry about death; …

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  • HeraclitusJohannes Moreelse 01 E1389105645880

    An Important Observation About A Test of “Natural and Necessary”

    Epicurean passages from Seneca must be scrutinized strictly to determine whether Seneca is reporting accurately, or warping an Epicurean doctrine for a Stoic misuse.  Below is a passage I first posted about back in 2011 which I now see as very important, but for a different …

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  • Jefferson Kos Portrait

    Peace and Safety For Your Twentieth of June! – “Outlines”

    Peace and Safety to the Epicureans of today, no matter where you might be! Epicurus advised us to prepare outlines to assist in our understanding of true philosophy.  Last November I wrote a post on Thomas Jefferson’s personal outline of Epicurean thought, as he wrote …

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    Thoughts On The Natural State of Mankind

    In a recent blog post at “The Autarkist,” Hiram Crespo wrote about “Religion As Play,” a referenced to a statement attributed to Epicurus that “to pray is natural.”  Of course in evaluating that statement in Epicurean terms, “praying” is subject to the same non-supernatural restrictions …

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  • Villaofpapyri

    Pleasure and Achievement

    Here is a passage from DeWitt that I was thinking about tonight, on the nature of “pathe” (or “feelings”) which consists of (1) pleasure and (2) pain. I don’t think we pay enough attention to focusing on the implications of this faculty, which is a …

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    On Conflicting Interpretations And Translations

    Competing interpretations and translations are a fact of life in studying Epicurus. Recently several of us have been talking about issues with Vatican Saying 21, and I think we may soon have an article about that. But in the meantime, here is another example: Vatican …

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  • Shouting

    “Why” Comes Before “How”

    Here is a pattern I am seeing over and over: Some people just cannot or will not admit that “why” must come before “how” in deciding how to live one’s life. In any field of science or other human endeavor, it would be foolish to …

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    Nietzsche on Stoicism’s “Fraud of Words”

    The following passage from Nietzsche has many excellent uses in exposing the roots of Stoicism and all similar philosophies which seek to substitute some other goal for the goal of life set by Nature.  This is not an attitude that is limited to Stoicism, and …

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    Peace and Safety For Your Twentieth of May – Reading Epicurus Reasonably – Children and PD5

    Peace and Safety to the Epicureans of today, no matter where you might be! On this twentieth of May, here is another example in the category “how to read Epicurus reasonably.”  In other words, when we read Epicurus, do we expect every sentence he writes …

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  • Frances Wright Icon

    Frances Wright and the “Counter-History of Philosophy”

    Hiram Crespo recently posted on his blog, The Autarkist, about the work of Michael Onfray and his view of the need for a counter-history of philosophy to free it from the Platonic-Aristotelian orthodoxy. Tonight I’d like to point out two aspects of Frances Wright’s “A …

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