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  • “I love you too well to leave you to the company of a life-long dream.”

    “I see you digging up treasure, spreading your wings, nursing extravagant ideas, indulging impossible hopes; and I love you too well to leave you to the company of a life-long dream—a pleasant one, if you will, but yet a dream; I beseech you to get …

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  • The Epicurus Sculpture Digital Re-creation

    In case you haven’t already see it, there is an excellent page at which displays an effort to reconstruct the image of Epicurus that would have been most familiar to ancient Epicureans:  the seated pose with arm outstretched in a gesture of teaching. The …

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  • A New Year’s Resolution: Following Up On A Comment Of Thomas Jefferson

    NOTE:  THIS POST HAS NOW BEEN SUPERSEDED BY THE INFORMATION HERE. In 1819 Thomas Jefferson wrote, as part of his letter to William Short: I have sometimes thought of translating Epictetus (for he has never been tolerably translated into English) by adding the genuine doctrines …

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  • A word on the status of the Lucian ebook.

    A comment on Facebook prompted me to write the following paragraphs about the status of the Lucian ebook: When I have tried to read Lucian in the past I always got bogged down in his “literary” essays, which probably were very funny two thousand years …

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  • An Ebook Devoted to the Epicurean Passages of Lucian

    Work is continuing on a new ebook I have prepared on the Epicurean passages of the ancient author Lucian. Lucian is identified on Wikipedia as Lucianus Samosatensis; c. A.D. 125 – after A.D. 180,  an Assyrian rhetorician and satirist who wrote in the Greek language …

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  • Peace and Safety for Your Twentieth of December!

    Peace and Safety to the Epicureans among us, no matter where you might be! As we in the northern hemisphere approach both the end of another year and the shortest day within that year, we should take the opportunity to remind ourselves that all things …

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