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  • Illustrating Epicureanism Through A Pompeian Mosaic

    Short of some future scholar uncovering an inscription confirming the purpose of the mosaic found in the house of Marcus Vesonius Primus in Pompeii, there is no way for us to be sure of his intended meaning.  Nevertheless, we can readily make use of this mosaic …

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  • Balance Of Life Cropped

    Epicurean Art in the Ancient World

    This post is to announce a new page devoted to collecting images of art from the ancient world which appear to have Epicurean themes. Please email suggestions for inclusion in this list.  (Note: A number of comments are posted below, and I will expand this …

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  • Why We All Need Philosophy

    Today’s addition to the website is a page on Seneca’s References to Epicurus.  This presents the opportunity to highlight a passage that has long been one of my favorites:  “Would you really know what philosophy offers to humanity? Philosophy offers counsel.

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  • Updates: Excerpts from De Rerum Natura, and an Annotated version of the Principal Doctrines

    Today brings two significant revisions to the website:  (1)  a presentation of excerpts from De Rerum Natura, and (2) a revised presentation of the Principle Doctrines organized with relevant references from Cicero, Lucretius, and Diogenes Laertius. With these additions to the site, my current recommended …

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  • For New Students of Epicurus

    When I first started this web page, my goal was as stated in the page banner, to “promote the study of the philosophy of Epicurus.”  I phrased the goal in this way because there seemed to be such a wide variety of interpretations of Epicurus …

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  • BEST97 77000612

    The Example of Cassius The Liberator Shows The Way

    What do we know about the life of Gaius Cassius Longinus, the Liberator, that might be relevant in the study of Epicureanism? (“Liberator” is so much nicer a term than “murderer,” as Cyril Bailey refers to him.)  Specifically, what facts about his life might shed …

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