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  • Never Underestimate Thomas Jefferson

    Thomas Jefferson’s letter to William Short is tremendously useful for us today to illustrate the continuing relevance of Epicurus.  In just a few lines, Jefferson summarizes several of the most important concepts that must be grasped by anyone who seeks to understand Epicurus: The genuine …

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  • An Exercise in Summarizing “The Nature of Things” – Book I

    Readers of this blog will find it no surprise that De Rerum Natura is our favorite Epicurean treatise.  As this week’s addition to the blog, what follows is an exercise in summarizing the essential points of Book I of Lucretius’ poem in a manner that …

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  • Famous Epicurean Epigrams

    The purpose of this quick blog post is to announce the beginning of work on a new page:  “Famous Epicurean Epigrams.” The first that come to mind are the shortest, such as: Seize the day. (Carpe diem.)     Horace Meditate on death. (Meditate mortem.)     from Seneca’s …

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  • A Reading List For New Epicureans

    One project that has been percolating in the background here at is a reading list for new students of Epicureanism. The original source material left to us today includes texts that are very clear and understandable, but often wrapped under so many layers of …

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  • First Edition of “The Evidence-Based Life: Epicurus and the Essential Nature of Things” released today, 1/1/10

    Check the main page at for links to the free download, or read excerpts from the ebook online!

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  • So do all things as if Epicurus were watching!

    “Sic fac omnia tamquam spectet Epicurus!”  [So do all as though watching were Epicurus]  (from Seneca’s letters XXV.5 ) This website has been prepared by a recent student of Epicurus as a means of organizing and presenting my studies for my own use, with the …

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