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    Epicurus On The Importance Of Gratitude

    To mark this “Thanksgiving Day” in the United States, the following guidance on Epicurean gratitude is taken directly from the introductory paragraph of Chapter XIV of Norman DeWitt’s Epicurus and His Philosophy: Had Epicurus been called upon to name his cardinal virtues there is little …

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    For “Father’s Day” in the U.S.: “You, Father, found the truth….” and saved us from folly.

    O glory of the Greeks, the first to raise the shining light out of tremendous dark, illumining the blessings of our life. You are the one I follow; in your steps I tread, not as a rival, but for love of your example.  Does the …

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  • Against The Men Of The Crowd RECTANGLE

    I Choose Epicurus

    I choose to live my life in gratitude to the Nature that produced and sustains me.  I therefore gladly choose Epicurus as my guide, and I choose to remind myself why I live and do all things as if Epicurus were beside me: *  I …

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  • “…I’m happy because it happened once.”

    Is Epicureanism grim because it teaches us that the soul dies with the body, and that gods do not take a personal interest in relieving us from our troubles?  The opposite is true, for we cannot achieve all the happiness that is possible unless we …

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    The Example of Cassius The Liberator Shows The Way

    What do we know about the life of Gaius Cassius Longinus, the Liberator, that might be relevant in the study of Epicureanism? (“Liberator” is so much nicer a term than “murderer,” as Cyril Bailey refers to him.)  Specifically, what facts about his life might shed …

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  • Gratitude As a Source of Strength During Times of Misfortune

    If you are like me, you often hear friends say (or post to Facebook) that they “couldn’t go on if they did not have their faith in God to pull them through.” Is there an Epicurean equivalent to that sentiment?  Let me suggest that the …

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