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  • Villaofpapyri

    Why I Think Epicurus Would Have Hated The “Tetrapharmakon”

    Wikipedia informs us that the tetrapharmakon comes down to us from a parchment found in the papyri of Herculaneum that it is attributed to Philodemus.  Wikipedia also informs us of the following translation, which apparently comes from D.S. Hutchinson: Don’t fear god, Don’t worry about death; …

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  • Gassendi Heading2

    New Page Dedicated to Gassendi’s “Life And Doctrines of Epicurus”

    I have today taken a step toward correcting a major oversight.  Last year several of us undertook the work of transcribing a copy of Pierre Gassendi’s “Life and Doctrine of Epicurus” into digital form.  The only English translation we have to work with was the …

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  • BookCover060214

    “Elemental Epicureanism” / Facebook Group Update

    *Epub Update* I have today set up a new facebook group “Elemental Epicureanism.” The URL of the new group is The sole purpose of this group will be to post copies of my epub of the same name, in which I am collecting all …

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  • ThomasStanleyPortrait

    One of the First English Translations of Gassendi’s “Life And Doctrine Of Epicurus”

    In 1660, Thomas Stanley published “A History of Philosophy,” Volume Three of Which Contained “Epicurus, His Life And Doctrine” Written By Petrus Gassendus.”  This is of interest for many reasons, not the least of which is that this version would likely have been prime reference …

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  • Against The Men Of The Crowd RECTANGLE

    New Ebook: “Against The Men of the Crowd”

    Today I am launching a new Ebook, entitled “Against the Men of the Crowd.” Find this and my other ebooks on the Smashwords page here. (Amazon link hopefully to be added soon).  As always, I am torn between getting a work finished and published vs. …

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  • BaileyAndDewitt

    The “Yea-Sayers” and the “Nay-Sayers”

    What follows is a collection of commentary illustrating (1) that there is a great contest over the much-disputed legacy of Epicurus, and (2) the nature of that contest.  Suggestions for additions to this list will be appreciated. Here’s one example (which will help with formatting …

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