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Peace and Safety For Your Twentieth of January

Peace and Safety to the Epicureans of today, no matter where you might be!

A friend in Greece has recently informed me about the Seikilos inscription and song, which is performed on the following Youtube video.  Its Epicurean sentiments are obvious, and I hope you enjoy it as you remember Epicurus today:

Ὅσον ζῇς, φαίνου,
Hoson zês, phainou,
While you live, shine,
μηδὲν ὅλως σὺ λυποῦ·
mêden holôs su lupou;
have no grief at all;
πρὸς ὀλίγον ἐστὶ τὸ ζῆν,
pros oligon esti to zên,
life exists only for a short while,
τὸ τέλος ὁ xρόνος ἀπαιτεῖ.
to telos ho chronos apaitei.
and time demands its toll.


As Seneca recorded: Sic fac omnia tamquam spectet Epicurus! So do all things as though watching were Epicurus!

And as Philodemus wrote: “I will be faithful to Epicurus, according to whom it has been my choice to live.

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