More From The Epicurean “Homeland” – Symposium In Athens Is Next Month

I failed to catch a typo in yesterday’s post, but I have now corrected it to make clear that the date of the Second Symposium sponsored by the Friends of Epicurus in Greece is NEXT MONTH.

Our friends in Greece have added an English version of the meeting announcement here, and you will note that there is now an “English” tab on the front page of the website, which hopefully we will see much use of in the future.

I am not able to plan to attend this year’s event, but this is surely something worthwhile to work toward in the future.   Over time, if the Athenian group can continue to hold yearly seminars, it would be great to see many of the international fans of Epicurus make the meeting – perhaps they would even hold a limited special session in English for those of us who cannot yet converse in the language that the gods must surely speak (or one similar to it).

I don’t see an agenda for this year’s seminar, but last year’s agenda was one I hate to have missed:

February 12, 2011: The philosophy of Epicurus

  1. Life and Epistemology of Epicurus
  2. Ethics of Epicurus: The art of happy living

 February 13, 2011: The Epicurean philosophy from antiquity to our times

  1. Epicurean Theory and Practice
  2. The Eternal Value of the Epicurean philosophy

As soon as I see information about this year’s agenda I will post an update here.  Perhaps this year some of the presentation could be captured on video for Youtube?  It would be great to see any or part of it posted, as further evidence that the greatest philosopher to whom we owe so much is far from forgotten!

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