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  • Pompeii Couple

    A Season of the Year To Remember Fallen Epicureans

    One of the things that motivates me in the study of Epicureanism is the knowledge that two thousand years ago a very large living breathing group of people walked the earth applying Epicurean ideas in their daily lives, and not just debating philosophy for the …

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  • Villaofpapyri

    The Building Which Housed The Epicurean Library In Herculaneum

    Today I came across this interesting video which features a 3-D reconstruction of the Villa of the Papyri in Herculaneum, including the library where Philodemus’ works on Epicurus were recovered.  The narration is in Italian, but the music track is excellent and it’s well worth …

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  • Lucretius On The Walls of Pompeii

    Today I came across a table of inscriptions at Pompeii which includes three references to Lucretius.  The table comes from the “Pompeii Sourcebook” by Alison and M.G.L. Cooley, which lists in Appendix 2 (page 220)  following three references from On The Nature of Things: 1.1     …

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