New Page Dedicated to Gassendi’s “Life And Doctrines of Epicurus”

I have today taken a step toward correcting a major oversight.  Last year several of us undertook the work of transcribing a copy of Pierre Gassendi’s “Life and Doctrine of Epicurus” into digital form.  The only English translation we have to work with was the 1660 Encyclopaedia of Thomas Stanley, of which this is a part. Primary credit for shouldering most of the transcription work goes to Ilkka V.  Our work so far has some limitations, in that we have not been able to squash all typos, and we have found some parts to be illegible.  Further, we have remained faithful to the 166o original, and that means the text contains many archaic spellings, which will make it difficult to word search.  But we do have a table of contents, and having the main body of it available should be a great help.  The PDF of the original from which we worked is available here for checking any errors.

Due to size, the contents are broken up into several sections, all of which can be accessed from this page as well as from the drop-down menu under “Other Writers.”

Happy reading, and thanks again Ilkka!

NOTE:  At the time this was published, the Herculaneaum busts of Epicurus had not been recovered, and Stanley apparently was not aware of Epicurus’ true appearance.  The etching of Epicurus at the beginning of this book is therefore NOT an accurate depiction of Epicurus.

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