Peace And Safety For Your Twentieth of July!

Peace and Safety to the Epicureans of today, no matter where you might be! For today’s post I would simply like to quote my favorite passage from Book I of De Rerum Natura, here in the Rolfe Humphries translation:

When human life, all too conspicuous,
Lay foully groveling on earth, weighed down
By grim Religion looming from the skies,

Horribly threatening mortal men, a man,
A Greek, first raised his mortal eyes

Bravely against this menace. No report
Of gods, no lightning-flash, no thunder-peal
Made this man cower, but drove him all the more
With passionate manliness of mind and will
To be the first to spring the tight-barred gates
Of Nature’s hold asunder. So his force,
His vital force of mind, a conqueror
Beyond the flaming ramparts of the world
Explored the vast immensities of space
With wit and wisdom, and came back to us
Triumphant, bringing news of what can be
And what cannot, limits and boundaries,
The borderline, the bench mark, set forever.
Religion, so, is trampled underfoot,
 And by his victory we reach the stars.

Titus Lucretius Carus.


As Seneca recorded: Sic fac omnia tamquam spectet Epicurus! So do all things as though watching were Epicurus!

And as Philodemus wrote: “I will be faithful to Epicurus, according to whom it has been my choice to live.


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