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Peace and Safety For Your Twentieth of February

Peace and Safety to the Epicureans of today, no matter where you might be!

For today’s post I would simply like to reiterate my concern, which I share with Plotina, for the importance of accurate Epicurean education.

If you have not read my post on Marcus Aurelius and Stoicism, I hope you will do so.  If you get a chance to perform your own examination of the Meditations and wish to assist me in picking out the anti-Epicurean parts (which is quite a job!) please feel free to email me your suggestions.

Have a great day!


As Seneca recorded: Sic fac omnia tamquam spectet Epicurus! So do all things as though watching were Epicurus!

And as Philodemus wrote: “I will be faithful to Epicurus, according to whom it has been my choice to live.

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