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  • Handout2 Applications Of Fundamentals Of Nature

    New Handout – Applications of the Fundamentals of Nature.

    Click here for handout two in a series:  Applications of the Fundamental of Nature.  This handout summarizes major applications of the Fundamentals of Nature. Please make suggestions for changes or corrections to future editions in the comments.  

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  • LOTNOTlogosmaller

    A Few Thoughts On Reading Lucretius

    “On The Nature of Things” can seem very tedious to the modern reader in its discussion of atoms and void, and the poem can get even more confusing when the reader gets to the parts on ‘images.’ Just remember that the purpose of the atom and …

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  • Ciucea Castle Roman Fountain 2

    A Recap of Principles of Epicurean Physics

    There are many who lurk who don’t get a chance to do much extra reading. For their benefit let me drop back to the most fundamental observations of Epicurus about the nature of the universe. These serve as the essential basis for every statement on …

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  • HerculesAGalaxy

    Science / Physics Update

    Several recent emails from a reader have reminded me that physics /science is an important part of Epicurean philosophy.  Epicurus did not just presume that “living pleasurably” should be the goal of life, he went back to the basics to establish that the universe operates …

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  • EpicurusSunset2

    Things That Never Change, And Things That Do

    We frequently encounter situations where in the past we had a high opinion of someone, but recent events cause us to lower that opinion considerably. Does this mean that we were necessarily “wrong” in the past? Does the possibility of being “wrong” mean that nothing …

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  • Field Illustrations Add

    Fields, Particles, and the Reality We Live In

    Alex Harrington​ has written an excellent essay on Fields or Particles that is now posted at the Society of Epicurus. What is the relationship of that discussion to how we should live? One important aspect is revealed by this quote from the article: “subatomic force fields …

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