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  • Selection 127

    Politics And “Epicurean Natural Justice”

    A Post Devoted to Our Epicurean Facebook Friends: I don’t think I have ever in my life seen political emotions in the United States as hot as they are right now, and all indications are that they are going to get hotter before they cool …

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  • Justicewithoutblindfold

    Notes on “Justice”

    This post is just a placeholder for setting up a page of links on Epicurean concepts of Justice. PD 31. Natural justice is a pledge of reciprocal benefit, to prevent one man from harming or being harmed by another. PD 32. Those animals which are …

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  • ExtractedEpicurus

    How Would Epicurus Answer Nietzsche?

    This weekend I finished reading H.L. Mencken’s “The Philosophy of Frederich Nietzsche” and I’d like to pick out part of Mencken’s conclusion as particularly interesting to a student of Epicurus.  In future posts I may address other aspects,  but the following paragraphs by Mencken powerfully …

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  • Jefferson Kos Portrait

    Master and Student: Epicurus and Jefferson on the Changing Aspects of Justice

    Key Doctrines 37 and 38 state the Epicurean principle that “justice” does not exist in Plato’s forms, religions’ revelations, or in any way outside of the happiness of those men who are concerned to secure that happiness at any particular place and time.  It is …

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