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  • FullSingleCupEpicurus

    In Life, There Is No Antidote to Pain But Pleasure

    Anyone who studies Epicurean philosophy quickly learns that Epicurus held a definition of “gods” that is very different from what we are used to today.  Whereas we define “gods” as necessarily implying omnipotence, omnipresence, and supernatural control over nature, Epicurus rejected all those assertions and …

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  • MajorCharacteristics

    Handout – “Major Characteristics of the Epicurean View of Life”

    I previously posted the video version of this list, and tonight I prepared the list in handout form to add to the EpicureanFriends File database.  Please click on the link below to download a PDF format of the graphic below, suitable for printing. Major Characteristics …

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  • Handout2 Applications Of Fundamentals Of Nature

    New Handout – Applications of the Fundamentals of Nature.

    Click here for handout two in a series:  Applications of the Fundamental of Nature.  This handout summarizes major applications of the Fundamentals of Nature. Please make suggestions for changes or corrections to future editions in the comments.  

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    A Single Page PDF Handout of the Fundamental Epicurean Doctrines

    Due to my age I remember a time before smartphones when I carried around my notes and to-do lists on printed pieces of letter-sized paper folded to fit in my pocket. Today I decided I wanted to have that same kind of ready access to …

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  • RomanMosaicStaraZagora

    Happy Twentieth of November! Giving Thanks Where It Is Truly Due

    Happy Twentieth of November! This upcoming week in the United States is one of the primary times that family and friends travel to be with one another and celebrate the things which they most value in their lives.  Unfortunately this exercise is bundled with “Thanks-giving” …

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  • EpicurusbySarantea

    Happy Twentieth of October!

    Happy Twentieth of October! This twentieth, after more than seven years of intensive study of Epicurus and posting at, I find myself reflecting on a passage from the book that most influenced my study of Epicurus:  “Epicurus and His Philosophy” by Norman Dewitt.  As …

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