A Little Housekeeping on Jackson Barwis

I originally published an ebook of the collected works of Jackson Barwis three years ago under the title “On Three Legs We Stand.”  At the time I prepared the initial volume, I was primarily focused on Barwis’ essay on innate principles, and the relationship of his theories to those of Epicurus’ views of “anticipations.”

Since that time, I have become ever more persuaded that Barwis’ work needs to be found by a much wider audience, especially those who are interested in the general background of the philosophic and political views of Thomas Jefferson.  I am therefore reissuing this under a more generic title so that all his works may be accessed more readily.  With that in mind, I have moved most of my introductory material regarding Epicurus and anticipations to an Appendix.  The original page I devoted to the first edition will remain here.

I had planned to issue an updated edition more quickly, but I deferred the project in hopes of finding a portrait of Barwis to place on the front cover.  Alas, my target still eludes me, and I am unable to include here a likeness of the author.  If any reader of this work can assist me in locating an image of Barwis, I will gratefully appreciate and acknowledge the same in future editions.

Click Below for the JacksonBarwis.com site for download.


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