The Wise Man Laughs At The idea of “Fate”

I know very little about the background and other views of philosopher Daniel Dennett,  but linked below is a very interesting ten minute discussion that I think usefully frames a crucial issue:  the Epicurean contention that the universe is BOTH governed by Natural law AND that living beings such as humans in fact do possess Free Will.  This is largely the same issue discussed previously here in the post No Fate But What We Make.

The alleged contradiction, of course, is that Natural limits are incompatible with freedom of will.  I would not advocate that Dennett is stating the position exactly as Epicurus would, but I think this discussion frames the issue well, and is enlightening on the answer that Epicurus saw in Nature and therefore adopted — an answer that is critical to the underpinnings of all Epicurean thought.

See if you think that this is an example of a Wise Man in fact laughing at the idea of fate, and let me know if this is useful to your Epicurean studies!

Dennett on Free Will and Determinism

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