Lucretius On The Walls of Pompeii

Today I came across a table of inscriptions at Pompeii which includes three references to Lucretius.  The table comes from the “Pompeii Sourcebook” by Alison and M.G.L. Cooley, which lists in Appendix 2 (page 220)  following three references from On The Nature of Things:

1.1     (5)    3072, 3118, 3139, 3913, 4373 (?)   (Presumably the opening line of the poem?)

1.86 (1)     5020   (Presumably a part of the Iphianassai passage?)

2.1 (1)       CErc (1973) 102 n.28  (Presumably the opening line of Book II?)

This table leaves unclear exactly how much of each passage was inscribed, and where the inscriptions were found.  Presumably that information is documented in the references.  I will attempt to explore this further to determine the particular houses from which these came, and the full length of what was inscribed, and then update this post and perhaps start a new page with pictures of these.

At first glance the web page for the Corpus Inscriptionum Latinarum does not appear to be fully online, or fully searchable, so I may run into a brick wall.  If anyone knows how to obtain these pages from these references please let me know.

Here’s the section of the Appendix:

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