Updated MP3 Version of “A Few Days In Athens”

I have been working to correct some minor errors in the MP3 Audiobook version of “A Few Days In Athens”, and I have now uploaded a new version at the link below. This new version splits each chapter into a separate MP3 for easier access and stop/start at particular sections. It is zipped into a single file for easy download. — I can’t recommend “A Few Days In Athens” highly enough. It not only comes with the personal endorsement of Thomas Jefferson, but so far as I have found, it is the only faithful and fully-pro-Epicurean book written in the last thousand years or longer. There are scholarly books galore that slice and dice the details of doctrine, but this book covers the waterfront in an overview manner. Best of all, it presents the story of Epicurus in a a clear, compelling way that shows how Epicureanism differs from the other major schools of thought. This version is text-to-speech and so the reader’s tone is sometimes off, but the voice is amazing in its ability to convey the meaning with clarity. Click here, and look for the links at the bottom of the page.  Let me know if anyone has any problems with the download or using the MP3s. 

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