The Principal Doctrines on Your Mobile Phone

This past weekend the site was upgraded to automatically display in a mobile format when viewed by handheld browsers such as iphones, Palm Webos, Android, etc.  The mobile format is much easier to navigate by finger, but please be sure to note the somewhat small down-arrow at the top right.  That control brings up a  menu of some of the most important pages on the site, featuring at the top the Principal Doctrines in both simple list and annotated version.  With this addition you now have easy access to a readable reminder of the Principal Doctrines wherever you are!

This version of the Doctrines is the paraphrased format prepared here at NewEpicurean in modern English.  Much attention has been paid to make these renderings both readable and faithful to the original meaning, but certainly much more work remains to be done.  If you believe any part of any Doctrine could be rendered in better form, please feel free to let me know.  All corrections, no matter how small, are appreciated, as one of my main goals for this page is to place within easy reach of everyone readable, reliable, and free access to the wisdom of Epicurus.  Also, the annotated version list is only a beginning, so if a section of Cicero or Lucretius or someone similar occurs to you as useful for amplifying the meaning of a particular doctrine, please let me know that too.

Peace and Safety!

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