Takis Panagiotopoulos: “How Became Known To Us The Portrait of The Athenian Philosopher Epicurus”


Over at the Facebook Group we recently discussed the location of Epicurus in the famous “School of Athens” artwork, and as part of that discussion it came to light that Takis Panagiotopoulos has produced a lengthy summary of the history of our modern knowledge of the true face of Epicurus. Takis has kindly allowed us to post the PDF in our files section, which I am about to do and will link below. However I want to be sure everyone sees not only the full article, which is excellent, but the attached modern portrait of Epicurus which is featured in the article, by Evi Sarantea. Thank you Takis for bringing all this to our attention!

Here is a link to where the article can be downloaded:  link

Here is a link to the discussion of the posting:  link

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