New Spanish Language Translation of “A Few Days In Athens”

For the first time in history (so far as I am aware), Frances Wright’s  “A Few Days In Athens” is now available in Spanish!  Many thanks go to Hiram Crespo for all his work at the Society of Friends of Epicurus page, which has expanded (for some time now) to a Spanish version.  The main Spanish Society of Friends of Epicurus page is here.

If you have friends who would enjoy it, please be sure to pass them the link to the new pages with A Few Days In Athens in Spanish.

If you are a reader of the NewEpicurean page, you probably already know that Thomas Jefferson called A Few Days In Athens – “A treat to me of the highest order.” Jefferson wrote thatthe matter and manner of the dialogue is strictly ancient … the scenery and portraiture of the interlocutors are of higher finish than anything in that line left us by the ancients; and like Ossian, if not ancient, it is equal to the best morsels of antiquity.”  The background story of the remarkable life of the author, her travels to America with the Marquis de Lafayette, and her meeting with Thomas Jefferson, are available at the page  here.

A Few Days In Athens is simply one of the most eloquent and dramatic presentations of Epicurean philosophy in existence.  Although not ancient in origin, it is an excellent reflection of the teachings of Epicurus as they have come down to us from Diogenes Laertius and Lucretius.  It is presented in clear, easily understandable form.  Perhaps its most important function is that it draws sharp highlights between Epicurean philosophy and the school which is often confused with it, yet could hardly be more different:  Stoicism.  Passages are also devoted to Aristotle, Plato, the Cynics, and even the Pythagoreans.  Once you have a minimal grounding in Epicurean views — or better yet, as a place to start — A Few Days In Athens has no equal for the insight it will bring to you into Epicurean philosophy.

Also, in case you missed the earlier announcement, a new Table of Contents and Finding Aid for A Few Days in Athens is available  here.


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