Lucretius Today Podcast 065 – Introducing a New Panelist (Don), and Recapping The Beginning of Book Five

Listen to “Episode 065 – Introducing a New Panelist (Don) and A Recap of the Opening of Book Five” on Spreaker.

Welcome to Episode Sixty-Five of Lucretius Today.

I am your host Cassius, and together with my panelists from the forum, we’ll walk you through the six books of Lucretius’ poem, and discuss how Epicurean philosophy can apply to you today. We encourage you to study Epicurus for yourself, and we suggest the best place to start is the book, “Epicurus and His Philosophy” by Canadian professor Norman DeWitt.

For anyone who is not familiar with our podcast, please check back to Episode One for a discussion of our goals and our ground rules. If you have any question about that, please be sure to contact us at for more information.

In this Episode 65 we introduce a new panel member, Don, one of our regulars here at EpicureanFriends. We take this episode to introduce Don and recap where we’ve been, where we’re going, and we get Don’s take on the opening section of Book Five. Next week we will return to our normal format.

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