Lucretius Today Episode 197 – Interview With Dr. Marcelo Boeri – “Epicurean Political Theory and Practice – Security, Justice, and Tranquility”

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The Lucretius Today Podcast is happy to present a very special interview on one of the most interesting aspects of Epicurean Philosophy. We’re privileged to have with us Dr. Marcelo Boeri, co-author of the new book “Theory and Practice in Epicurean Political Philosophy: Security, Justice, and Tranquility.” If you think you know everything you need to know about Epicurus’ views on “living unknown” and “staying out of politics” – think again! Dr. Boeri documents how these cliches are not at all representative of Epicurus’ true views on how to engage with society. We think you’ll find this a rewarding interview and that you’ll want to check out the book and to the refreshing documentation and argument that Doctors Boeri and Aoiz bring to the topic.

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