Justice Is Not Absolute. Definitions Matter.

Justice is Not Absolute. PD33 “33. There never was such a thing as absolute justice….”

Definitions Matter. One Man’s “Human Right” is another Man’s “Oppression”: “In the first place, Herodotus, you must understand what it is that words denote, in order that by reference to this we may be in a position to test opinions, inquiries, or problems, so that our proofs may not run on untested ad infinitum, nor the terms we use be empty of meaning.”

Need An Example Where These Two Come Together?

Need some food for further thought?

PD 39. The man who best knows how to meet external threats makes into one family all the creatures he can; and those he can not, he at any rate does not treat as aliens; and where he finds even this impossible, he avoids all dealings, and, so far as is advantageous, excludes them from his life.

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