Installment Two of “Compare And Contrast” Memes: Epicurus v. Heraclitus

EpicurusvHeraclitus01012014 Here is installment 2 in an anticipated “compare and contrast” series of memes for internet distribution.

This one has been prepared entirely in INKSCAPE, a free vector graphics program that runs on both windows and linux.  More details about how this was produced, and how you can modify as desired, can be found here.

So far there are two in this compare and contrast series, and both are displayed below (click for larger version).  As mentioned previously, these memes link to, which is a site set up purely as a “portal” for currently active Epicurean websites.  By having this portal as the link listed on the meme, rather than NewEpicurean or any other one particular site, I hope the meme becomes more generally useful for all fans of Epicurus.  If you have a site or would like to see me add a link to the EpicurusCentral page, please let me know.

Happy New Year!



















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