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  • Pompeii Couple

    Epicurus v. Cicero on Natural Law and Justice

    I am probably not going to add this to my Epicurus v. Stoicism chart (to be posted here soon!), because Cicero did not consider himself Stoic, and I want to keep the chart as accurate about Stoicism as possible. But if you would like to …

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  • LucretiusWebPageCover

    New Web Page For Lucretius

    One of my great frustrations in reading and writing about Epicurus has been the lack of a good digitized version of Lucretius. No more, my friends, for today this site goes live: Much more needs to be done to improve it, but already the full text …

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  • Slider

    A Little Housekeeping on Jackson Barwis

    I originally published an ebook of the collected works of Jackson Barwis three years ago under the title “On Three Legs We Stand.”  At the time I prepared the initial volume, I was primarily focused on Barwis’ essay on innate principles, and the relationship of his …

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  • Franceswright

    Frances Wright on Epicurean Virtue vs. “Virtue” In The Other Philosophies

    One of the most important distinctions between Epicureanism and other philosophies is its definition of “virtue.”  In the ancient world this dispute became a matter of heated argument between Epicureans and Stoics, but the truth is that Stoicism was hardly the only enemy.  Epicureanism stood …

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  • EpicurusInfoFront

    The Meaning of “The Good” – A Gem From Plutarch Through Bailey and Epicurus.Info

    This is just a short post to remind fans of Epicurus that there are two great resources at (among many others) that don’t get the attention they deserve.  One is the lengthy collection of references to Epicurus collected by Hermann Usener, and the other …

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  • Terminatorgraphic

    Objectivism: The “Worst and Most Dangerous” Philosophy In America

    Today I address a narrow segment of readers who have special need for the message of Epicurus – those readers who have come into contact with the philosophy of Ayn Rand.  The following is not based on a political perspective, and the point of view …

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