Nil Posse Creari De Nilo! / Nothing Can Be Created From Nothing!


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    Fill Life To The Rim – With Pleasure

    Here is an illustration of Lucretius’ vessel analogy in Book 6 that may hit home with my American friends of a certain age. With Pleasure, why be ascetic and settle for half a cup, when you can work to fill life with as much pleasure …

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  • Feyr

    Slashing Another Stoic Chain – Courtesy of a Norse God

    This is something that has been staring me in the face without my seeing it – if it had been a snake it would have bitten me. Probably everyone else has realized this, and I am the last to see it, but this is to …

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  • Which Is Happier

    Which Is Happier?

    Hiram Crespo recently published a very good article in Humanist Magazine entitled “Whose Pleasure? Whose Pain? Applying the Hedonic Calculus to Public Policy.”  This is a topic that is going to recur frequently, because many people are interested in using modern developments in statistical survey …

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  • OdeToLostJoy

    The “Four Days Of Virtue And Painlessness” Challenge

    Here is a hypothetical that may help with thinking about the role of “virtue” and “painlessness” in Epicurean philosophy. The assumptions of this hypothetical are very simple and designed to be as real-world and transparent as possible. There are no tricks here, so don’t spoil …

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  • Antioch Mosaic31485510.Antakyamosaic02b

    Peace and Safety For Your Twentieth of April – Conventional Pleasure vs. the “Zero State”

    Peace and Safety to the Epicureans of today, no matter where you might be! On this twentieth of April I’d like to offer more thoughts on the issue of whether Epicurus advocated a “zero state” or “painlessness” model a the goal of life. Another way …

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  • Against The Men Of The Crowd RECTANGLE

    The Major Importance of “Confident Expectation”

    In reading through Plutarch’s attack on Colotes and his Epicurean views (“That It Is Not Possible To Live Pleasurably According To The Doctrines of Epicurus“), I was struck with the importance of the theme of “confident expectation” in Epicurean thought, which is also mentioned by …

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