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    Where Is the Misunderstanding / Misrepresentation More Likely?

    Here is a passage from Francois Bernier, a friend of Gassendi, which I have never read before, but exists at It seems to me it illustrates exactly the problem that anyone who wants to construe Epicurus as a Epicurean, rather than a Stoic-lite, is …

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    Stoicism is as far from Epicurean philosophy as East is far from West.

    We frequently see commentary, even in Epicurean discussion forums, with Stoic overtones.  It therefore pays to keep in mind the differences between the two philosophies so we can recognize Stoic errors and not let them distract us. Here is a clip from “Happiness: A Philosopher’s …

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    Setting the Stage For Discussion of Pleasure

    Recently the Society of Epicurus published a transcript of a Spanish-language interview given by Hiram Crespo and Alexander Rios about the philosophy of Epicurus.  They did an excellent job, and the transcript is well worth reading – and viewing on-line if you know Spanish! Hiram, …

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  • Field Illustrations Add

    Fields, Particles, and the Reality We Live In

    Alexander Rios​ has written an excellent essay on Fields or Particles that is now posted at the Society of Epicurus. What is the relationship of that discussion to how we should live? One important aspect is revealed by this quote from the article: “subatomic force fields …

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    Fill Life To The Rim – With Pleasure

    Here is an illustration of Lucretius’ vessel analogy in Book 6 that may hit home with my American friends of a certain age. With Pleasure, why be ascetic and settle for half a cup, when you can work to fill life with as much pleasure …

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  • Feyr

    Slashing Another Stoic Chain – Courtesy of a Norse God

    This is something that has been staring me in the face without my seeing it – if it had been a snake it would have bitten me. Probably everyone else has realized this, and I am the last to see it, but this is to …

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