Nil Posse Creari De Nilo! / Nothing Can Be Created From Nothing!


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  • Deathnothing

    If Death Is Nothing To Us, What Is Everything To Us?

    Subtitled: “Why We Must Fight For Joy And Delight.” The second most important doctrine in the list left to us by the ancient Epicureans is “Death is nothing to us; for that which has been dissolved into its elements experiences no sensations, and that which …

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  • Staticalwayspreferred

    Are “Static” Pleasures Always Preferred?

    Are static pleasures (call them katastematic, abiding, or whatever term you prefer) always to be preferred over active pleasures? I believe Epicurus would say – and did say – “Certainly Not.”  Here are two scenarios that illustrate the point: 1. Suppose you are an ancient …

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  • Epicuruslisteningthermometer

    Can’t You Hear That This Thermometer Is Wrong?

    Epicurus is often accused of holding that “all sensations are true,” but Norman Dewitt has exhaustively shown through numerous Epicurean texts that Epicurus knew very well that sensations cannot be judged to give a complete picture before analyzing them for accuracy.  What Epicurus did say was …

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  • EpicurusMouseThermometer

    Of Mice, Syllables, Thermometers, and The Complete Life

    Suppose you are talking with a friend who knows next to nothing about formal philosophy. You tell him that you have been reading about Epicurus, and what you have read makes a lot of sense. Then your friend says: “I have heard that Epicurus once …

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  • EpicurusSunset2

    Twilight of the “Absence of Pain”

    In a recent discussion a friend wrote: “Cassius’ fictional man who suggests suicide to prevent desires is, as Elli Pensa said, a very ridiculous man.” Why? What if Pythocles were to read, from Epicurus himself, “If you wish to make Pythocles wealthy, don’t give him …

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  • EpicurusvsAristotlevsPlato

    Peace and Safety For Your Twentieth of February: Epicurus vs. Aristotle and Plato on Pleasure

    Peace and Safety to the Epicureans of today, no matter where you might be! To summarize some observations from a recent thread on the Epicurean Philosophy Facebook group, it appears to me that in order to understand the meaning of PD3, and to understand the …

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