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    Frances Wright and the “Counter-History of Philosophy”

    Hiram Crespo recently posted on his blog, The Autarkist, about the work of Michael Onfray and his view of the need for a counter-history of philosophy to free it from the Platonic-Aristotelian orthodoxy. Tonight I’d like to point out two aspects of Frances Wright’s “A …

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  • Selection 111

    “Follow That Dream”

    To follow: “to accept as a guide or leader; accept the authority of or give allegiance to; to conform to, comply with, or act in accordance with; obey.” Cassius to Cicero, January 45 BC: “Consequently Pansa, who follows pleasure, keeps his hold on virtue, and …

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  • Puresmoothcoffee

    Pleasure Is A Dish Best Served Pure and Smooth

    In my continuing efforts to explain Epicurean Philosophy Through Coffee, I now present my latest and best analogy: Not only do we fill life to the rim with pleasure, like coffee, but we need to remember that, also like coffee, pleasure is a dish best served pure …

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    Where Is the Misunderstanding / Misrepresentation More Likely?

    Here is a passage from Francois Bernier, a friend of Gassendi, which I have never read before, but exists at It seems to me it illustrates exactly the problem that anyone who wants to construe Epicurus as a Epicurean, rather than a Stoic-lite, is …

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    Stoicism is as far from Epicurean philosophy as East is far from West.

    We frequently see commentary, even in Epicurean discussion forums, with Stoic overtones.  It therefore pays to keep in mind the differences between the two philosophies so we can recognize Stoic errors and not let them distract us. Here is a clip from “Happiness: A Philosopher’s …

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    Setting the Stage For Discussion of Pleasure

    Recently the Society of Epicurus published a transcript of a Spanish-language interview given by Hiram Crespo and Alex Harrington about the philosophy of Epicurus.  They did an excellent job, and the transcript is well worth reading – and viewing on-line if you know Spanish! Hiram, …

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