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    All Dressed Up But No Place To Go

    Thanks to Alexander R. for linking to this video at the Science Channel, which alleges that the robot in this example is well on its way to learning emotional associations. I have some very serious reservations about the video (does pushing on the robot from behind …

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  • Tombstone Varus

    A Season Of The Year To Remember Fallen Epicureans

    Checking back over the last four years, it seems that late in August of odd-numbered years I have resubmitted the following post on “A Season of the Year To Remember Fallen Epicureans.”  This year, thanks to some posts by Domagoj V., I see that the season …

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  • Ciucea Castle Roman Fountain 2

    Is the Fountain Of Pleasure Tainted? Or Does the Taint Arise In How We Approach It?

    Some people seem to like to quote Lucretius out of context, in a way that implies that Lucretius was attacking, rather than following, pleasure as the guide of life. Here’s an example I saw quoted on Facebook today: Latin: “medio de fonte leporum, surgit amari …

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  • Bylert Utrecht Heraclitus Democritus

    Must I Believe “XXX” That Epicurus Said?

    In the Epicurean Philosophy Facebook Group we often run into questions such as “Must I believe XXX that Epicurus said?”  Here’s an example:  “Must every position held by Epicurus originally stay the same today? For instance, are we obliged to believe in gods (albeit deist …

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  • EpicurusSunset2

    Things That Never Change, And Things That Do

    We frequently encounter situations where in the past we had a high opinion of someone, but recent events cause us to lower that opinion considerably. Does this mean that we were necessarily “wrong” in the past? Does the possibility of being “wrong” mean that nothing …

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  • OenoandaInscriptionCloser

    Peace and Safety For Your Twentieth of August!

    Peace and Safety to the Epicureans of today, no matter where you might be!   Many philosophers (particularly Stoics) assert that virtues are ends in themselves. They assert – in the classic phrase – that “virtue is its own reward.” This position is a direct …

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