Announcement for the Upcoming Conference in Athens Feb 15-16, 2014

A new page has gone up from the Athens group with the agenda for the upcoming conference, with this English introduction:

The epicurean philosophy in our epoch

“Kepos” is a society of friends enthusiastic about the epicurean philosophy.

In an epoch characterized by monopolies, monopolistic antagonism, polymorphous inelasticities and economic catastrophe the epicurean philosophy shows us a way of life with anthropocentric characteristics and diachronic practical ethics offering us eudaemonia.

The philosophical therapy is our method. The synopsis of our philosophy as stated in the didactic epistles and the epigrams of Epicurus and other epicurean philosophers is an alphabet for us and opens the pylae to new horizons.

We organize our logic theory about cosmos, meteors and geophysical phenomena using the criteria of truth, and other syllogisms as the analogy and the symmetry.

The true physiology confirms our thesis for a life with ataraxia and harmony without illogical phobia. We do not have any dilemma about the paradox of life after death and other mysterious hypothesis. We do not have any phobia about the Gods. We do not have megalomania and we are against tyranny.

We want to have a life free of melancholy so we give emphasis in static and kinetic hedone. We have a virtuous life with many friends. Our praxis is an ode to life.

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