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Monthly Archive for: ‘June, 2010’

  • Balance Of Life Cropped

    Epicurean Art in the Ancient World

    This post is to announce a new page devoted to collecting images of art from the ancient world which appear to have Epicurean themes. Please email suggestions for inclusion in this list.  (Note: A number of comments are posted below, and I will expand this …

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  • Why We All Need Philosophy

    Today’s addition to the website is a page on Seneca’s References to Epicurus.  This presents the opportunity to highlight a passage that has long been one of my favorites:  “Would you really know what philosophy offers to humanity? Philosophy offers counsel.

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  • Updates: Excerpts from De Rerum Natura, and an Annotated version of the Principal Doctrines

    Today brings two significant revisions to the website:  (1)  a presentation of excerpts from De Rerum Natura, and (2) a revised presentation of the Principle Doctrines organized with relevant references from Cicero, Lucretius, and Diogenes Laertius. With these additions to the site, my current recommended …

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