“We And The Stoics Today” – New Translation of An Article From The Thessaloniki Garden:

Today Elli P. has posted “We And The Stoics Today – Or, ‘To Those From The Stoa,‘” written by Dimitris Liarmakopoulos, member of the Epicurean Garden in Thessaloniki 27.11.2015.


“A proposition about Stoicism on an Epicurean website causes at least reasonable questions. At a minimum, when an informal agreement in the Garden is in place, and silently applied to the eight years of its progress, we should not make propositions about the rival philosophical schools, but only sporadic references to the need of epicureans’ better understanding. The current swerve is to attribute “honor” to Stoicism, because when we talk about it, we are in fact talking about the philosophy that one way or the other has prevailed today.”


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