Lucretius Today Podcast Episode 31: Continuation of Episode 30, and the Example of Polyaenus

Episode 31 of the Lucretius Today podcast is now available. This week we have only two of our regular four panelists, so rather than read a new section of text we went back to pay further attention to the issues raised in Episode 30. We read several reader comments from the Epicureanfriends . com forum which bear on the same issue: the example of Polyaenus, who was reputed to have been a great mathematician but allegedly gave up (or reduced) his science focus when he became an Epicurean. Many aspects of that story are questionable but we will do the best we can to untangle the issue of “who needs a philosophy.” As always let us know if you have any comments or questions either in the thread below or at Epicureanfriends . com. Thanks for listening!

Listen to “Episode 31 – Continuation of Episode 30 And Discussion of the Polyaenus Example” on Spreaker.

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