Lucretius Today Podcast Episode 150 “Epicurus And His Philosophy – Part 6 – Development of the Epicurean School in Mytilene and Lampsacus

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Welcome to Episode One Hundred Fifty of Lucretius Today. This is a podcast dedicated to the poet Lucretius, who wrote “On The Nature of Things,” the only complete presentation of Epicurean philosophy left to us from the ancient world. Each week we’ll walk you through the ancient Epicurean texts, and we’ll discuss how Epicurean philosophy can apply to you today. If you find the Epicurean worldview attractive, we invite you to join us in the study of Epicurus at, where you will find a discussion thread for each of our podcast episodes and many other topics. We’re now in the process of a series of podcasts intended to provide a general overview of Epicurean philosophy based on the organizational structure employed by Norman DeWitt in his book “Epicurus and His Philosophy.” This week we are going to speed through the early development of the school before we turn to detailed treatment of individual philosophical topics:

Chapter IV – Mytilene And Lampsacus

The New Philosophy On Trial
The Sorites Syllogism
Homer A Hedonist
The Lampsacene Circle
The Regenerate Epicurus

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