A Song By A Fan of Epicurus – “Letter to Menoeceus”

It always give me a great pleasure when a reader of this blog contacts me about Epicurus for the first time.  I take special pleasure in hearing from those who are working on their own tributes to Epicurus, no matter what form they may take.

Tonight I received an email from a reader who has composed a song entitled “Letter to Menoeceus.”  The style is what an old fogie like me would call “techno,” so it may or may not suit your own tastes.  But the lyrics are solid and show a good understanding of Epicurean doctrine, and it’s great whenever anyone takes the time and effort to translate the ideas of Epicurus into their own voice.

The song is available for free on Soundcloud at this link.  I hope this won’t be the last Epicurean song by “Stationery,” and if you are a reader yourself and your are working on your own Epicurean material I hope you’ll let me know about it.  Thanks again “Stationery!”

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