A Comparison Chart on “The Goal of Life”

On a regular basis I like to drop back and summarize what I understand to be some of the key differences between Epicurean and other philosophies.  This weekend I put together the following brief chart.  There should be nothing on it new of different from things I have discussed on my blog before, but this format might be helpful for discussion and fine-tuning some of the terminology.  As usual, there will be those who dispute my characterization of Stoic philosophy.  Some of those challenges may be more or less valid – if you have a challenge to any of my formulations, please comment in the Epicurean Philosophy Facebook Group.  If you do, it would be helpful if you would cite a reference to a recognized Stoic authority to show why you believe my summary is not accurate.

Everything here is a summary or paraphrase so no doubt much of it could be improved.  If the chart serves as food for productive thought on these topics, then it has achieved its goal.

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