Forum of the Lucretians

Forum Of Lucretians“Forum of the Lucretians” for the hard-core students of Epicurus who want to share materials and discussions in private, and under full private control, rather than solely through public discussion at Facebook.  This will not be an attempt to replace Facebook or any other forums.   The “open” nature of Facebook can be a chill on speaking freely, and the structure of that site makes it very difficult to retrieve information once it has scrolled into the past. The Forum of the Lucretians will be a traditional “Simple Machines” forum which provides much greater control over attachments and organization.  It will allow permalinks to important posts, with fine-grain control over the way all services function.  If you are interested in participating, please email me, or check out the prototype here:

Update 09/18/17:  Due to technical issues the old forum has now been updated to a new address: