Nil Posse Creari De Nilo! / Nothing Can Be Created From Nothing!

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Promoting the Study of the Philosophy of Epicurus

  • EpicurusbySarantea

    Happy Twentieth of October!

    Happy Twentieth of October! This twentieth, after more than seven years of intensive study of Epicurus and posting at, I find myself reflecting on a passage from the book that most influenced my study of Epicurus:  “Epicurus and His Philosophy” by Norman Dewitt.  As I observe the comments made by people who come newly to the Epicurean Philosophy Facebook …

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  • Parthenon

    Thoughts On The Nature of “Gods” – 10/10/2017

    I am one of the ones who takes Epicurus literally: (1) that there exists life throughout the universe; (2) that some of those forms of life are “higher” than ours; (3) that those “higher” beings (which are what Epicurus referred to as “gods”) have perfected such control over their environment that they are constantly engaged in whatever they find pleasurable, …

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