About The Admin

casamThe Admin of this website, Cassius Amicus, is not a professional philosopher.  He is simply a self-educated layman who enjoys pursuing Epicurean research and writing.  He did not pursue philosophy in college thirty years ago, but he is now working to make up lost time.  In 2010, after reading Norman DeWitt’s Epicurus and His Philosophy, he determined that Epicurus was the place to focus his study.

Cassius tends take philosophical issues seriously but in good humor.  When he learned that Epicurus taught that in order to live happily one must cultivate Epicurean friends with whom to study the laws of Nature, he realized that he was in a bind.  He had no Epicurean friends, and none were readily available in rural Northeast Georgia.  So he decided to do what he could to locate a new generation of Epicureans – and by that he meant the real thing, not just confused Stoics!  Thus this website was born.

Cassius has lived his entire life in a three-state area of the Southeastern USA, and his work is now based in the Athens, Georgia, area.  He may be reached on Facebook here,  where he is an active part of the Epicurean Philosophy Group.