Sabine Hossenfelder – Why The Multiverse Is Religion

I did not think it possible that I would be back again so quickly with another video from Sabine Hossenfelder, but here we are!

This one is perhaps in the same league or perhaps even better (?) than the one yesterday! Once again the issue is clear thinking on claims of “science.” Her target today is the “Multiverse,” but instead of being only part of the video it’s the center of attention. The value of this discussion, of course, is not as to the “Multiverse” in particular, but as to her analysis in general, which is very clear to follow. I cannot help but think that Epicurus would smile widely at approval for this video, especially when you combine her dead-pan delivery with the funny graphics popping up behind her!

View and follow the discussion at EpicureanFriends here.


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