Meme Workshop

DescartesMeme3A graphic “meme” workshop.  A productive way of getting Epicurean ideas in front of new eyes is through the use of graphic memes for sharing on social media sites. I prepared a prototype of one here: In the coming weeks I will be setting up a special website section devoted to the production of more of these, with not only easy access to each graphic, but also easy access to the raw materials to make new ones quickly and easily.



Update 12/31/13 – Here is installment 2 in an anticipated “compare and contrast” series.  I’ll have to figure out how to store the raw material where it is readily accessible for others to use if they desire, but I think this will work as a method:  this graphic was prepared in INKSCAPE, a free vector graphics program that runs on both windows and linux.  The raw data file from which this was created can be downloaded here.  This file contains all the graphics to make the file easily modifiable with different pictures and text.