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A summary article on Epicurean Physics is here.  This page is dedicated to links with a special relationship to Epicurean views on physics.  This is a very complex subject and there are few clear answers to the problems of modern physics.  But many people are interested in this topic, and there are definitely certain authorities whose work tends to reinforce fundamental Epicurean views, and others whose work is very incompatible with Epicurean positions.  The truth is the truth, and when solid evidence is obtained to confirm any theory, then that becomes what we take as accepted fact.  But while evidence is conflicting, and we have nothing to go on but opinion, then we should “wait” before becoming dogmatic about any one of the possible options.   For the time being, here is a good list of reading material for those interested in this topic:

Issues To Research:

1) The Universe Is Eternal and Boundless

No Big Bang? Quantum equation predicts universe has no beginning

Discover Interview: Roger Penrose Says Physics Is Wrong, From String Theory to Quantum Mechanics

2) There is at some point in existence a “smallest” particle which cannot be divided.

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A Modern Argument Against the Mathemeticians

Down With The Geometers

Will We Be The First Martians?

Food For Thought On Images From The Age of Epicurean Philosophy

It All Comes Down To This – Take Your Stand And Know Why You Take It

Epicurean Physics