New Epicurean Website:

It has always seemed to me that anyone who truly internalizes Epicurean Philosophy is going to want to spread it to others. For example, one of our friends reminded me today of VS41: “41. We must laugh and philosophize at the same time, and do our household duties, and employ our other faculties, and never cease proclaiming the sayings of the true philosophy.”

In that spirit I’m happy to observe a recently-developed website:
I don’t yet know much about its author or the direction he intends to take it, but already the site has a lot of good material that will be familar and welcoming to those who are regular readers of the Epicurean Philosophy facebook page, or

I don’t think the author has a facebook page, but he can be contacted at his site or under the name AdamsAndVoid at Please drop by, have a look around, encourage him if you like what you see – and last but not least, consider how you yourself can never cease proclaiming the sayings of true philosophy

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