A List of Events Documenting Christian Persecution of Hellenes In The Ancient World

This is just a short post to link to an excellent page that is mostly in Greek, but with an English summary, entitled Christian Persecution Against the Hellenes.

The page contains a timeline of events starting in 314 (Immediately after its full legalization, the Christian Church attacks the Gentiles: The Council of Ancyra denounces the worship of Goddess Artemis) and ending in 988 (Violent conversion of the last Gentile Hellenes of Laconia by the Armenian “Saint” Nikon).

This list was prepared by Vlassis Rassias, and a longer version in Greek is contained in the book at the link cited.  A full list of Mr. Rassias’ books can be found here, and several articles in English are here.

The names and events in this list, and Mr. Rassias’ book, would appear to be a good starting point for anyone interested in researching this period.

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