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If an ancient Epicurean were transported to the present day, what might he (or she) say to you to explain his basic beliefs?  What did ancient Epicureans teach their children about the world around them and how to live?  This website is an effort to reconstruct answers to those questions based on the surviving ancient texts.  Many updates are ahead, so check back with us often.  For now, simply click the tabs above in order, and enjoy your stay!

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Foundations Of Epicurean Philosophy

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For additional entry-level material on Epicureanism, see The Wisdom of Catius’ Cat and the Frances Wright’s  A Few Days In Athens.   An audio version of A Few Days in Athens is available here.
The material included here is based on the biography of Epicurus by Diogenes Laertius, Lucretius’ poem De Rerum Natura, Cicero’s On Ends, and the Epicurean Inscription of Diogenes of Oeneanda.

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Nil Posse Creari De Nilo – Nothing Can Be Created from Nothing 

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